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 is a wholly owned on-line subsidiary of Seminole Produce Distributing, Inc. We have been in business since 1991 and have cumulative produce industry business experience of over 65 years.

If your business needs quality WHOLESALE fresh fruit and vegetables OR FLORIDA CITRUS PRODUCTS AND GIFT BASKETS at competitive market prices, Seminole Produce Distributing, Inc. has the “service, ability and integrity” to meet your needs AND YOUR SATISFACTION IS GUARANTEED.

Seminole Produce Distributing, Inc. is a member of the Produce Marketing Association (#465179), PRC Blue Book (BB # 140124) and Red Book Credit Services (PIN # 124736). We have received the PRC Blue Book’s Merit Badge of Honor and are full Trading Members. Seminole Produce Distributing, Inc. has a 4 Star rating with RBCS along with a ( I ) payment history, which represents RBCS highest ratings. Furthermore, we have been awarded the prestigious Business Character Award (BCA) by RBCS.  Only about 7% of RBCS members have earned the BCA. Our ability to provide the highest levels of customer satisfaction and product quality are evidenced by the status we have achieved in the produce industry.

Seminole Produce Distributing, Inc. has an extensive customer base which includes some of the largest and most demanding buyers of citrus, fresh vegetables and tropical fruit. The level of our ongoing relationship with these demanding buyers attests to the quality of products delivered and customer satisfaction level we maintain.

Seminole Produce Distributing, Inc. enjoys an active business relationship with an extensive range of suppliers. The quality of the products we are able to deliver are guaranteed by the wide geographic range of our product sourcing. We spend many man-hours each week identifying accurate price levels across a wide range of supply sources in all mid-Atlantic and south-east U.S. growing areas. This enables Seminole Produce Distributing to achieve competitive market pricing from geographic areas with the best quality product during various growing seasons.

Seminole Produce Distributing, Inc. has the ability to provide substantial Value-Added benefit. Our long term relationship with many growers over a wide geographic range and our experience in the produce industry provides insights to market price level and supply / demand considerations which will allow us to provide promotional and special purchase values to our customers. Our “Market Update” is an example of the type of information we provide our weekly customers.  A number of our retailers advertise “lost leaders” on a weekly basis and need this type forecast to help them identify potential ad products.

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